Waterfall Wonder (28 km)

Closest town     Malealea Lodge, Pony Trek & Mountain Bike Centre
Trail destination Follow rolling hills to the top of the 40m Botsoela waterfall. Option to leave your bikes at the top and hike to the base of the falls for a swim.
Overview                         Cycling along a good gravel road this is an easy ride. However, there is a long climb up from the waterfall.
On your bike Starting at Malealea Lodge follow the road towards the Gates of Paradise pass. After 3km fork right and follow this road through remote villages. After 11km turn right and descend the mini Sani Pass (beware the sharp hairpins) to the cement bridge. You are now above the Botsoela waterfall. Return via the same route.
Off your bike Keeping the Botsoela river on your left walk downstream until the waterfall reveals itself to you. Take in the sight of the twin waterfall. If you prefer a swim leave your bike at the top with a local herdboy and keeping the river on your right from the road descend to the base of the waterfall for a refreshing swim.
Contact Malealea Lodge, Pony Trek & Mountain Bike
Distance 28 km
Grading    Moderate
Duration 2-3 hours
Start point Malealea Lodge, Pony Trek & Mountain Bike
Cellphone Reception Patchy
Best time of year Each season has its beauty