Sangoma Appointment

If your travels have filled you with questions for which you cannot find the answers or if you yearn to know if you are following the right path, if you have been followed by nagging discomforts whose causes you simply cannot figure out or if you have been ruminating on a dream with no interpretation, our Sangoma may be able to provide you valuable answers. Sangomas are highly venerated here for their divining, and you may arrange an appointment with reception to have him consult the spirits for you.

Our translator will meet you outside of reception at 4:30 in the afternoon, and he will lead you to the Sangoma’s hut at the back of our property. You will follow the translator inside, but any companions with you will remain behind, awaiting their turn. Your questions may be personal and the ritual is private.

Stepping across the threshold into the Sangoma’s hut may feel like leaving the world behind. It is small, dark, and the thick stones that form the walls block almost all sound from outside. It is a cocoon of enlightenment.

The Sangoma is a small man with a knowing grin and he wears a string of white beads around his neck. The translator will introduce you, and the ritual will begin.  

With prayer and bones, he will tell you what he sees, and then he will ask if you have any questions. This is your chance! Come prepared and curious and find out what you can.

The ritual involves an offering. The appointment costs R60 that you will need at the time of the ritual.  


  • Meet reception in the morning to book the appointment
  • Appointments begin at 4:30 PM
  • R100 per person