Mountain Biking

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For many, mountain biking up and down the valley is our most thrilling option. People return from their adventures exhilarated, flushed, and laughing – if a bit jiggly in the knees.

Fitness level is extremely important to consider before choosing a path. As fun as coasting downhill can be, one must always come back up, and that can be a challenge. It is never shameful, however, to hop off the bike and walk it back up if the pedals just won’t budge.

Ntate Tsoeunyane Malealea with his bike
Ntate Tsoeunyane would also be happy to take your photo. He runs a side business as a portrait photographer

Ntate Tsoeunyane Malealea has been riding since he got his first bike when he was 10. He never used training wheels. He remembers his friends pushing the bike behind him until he could hold his own. When he rides alone, he likes to go fast, but he has been in charge of our mountain biking program for a few years now and is very adept at gauging what kind of rides visitors want and will enjoy.

The easiest ride is to the top of the gorge. It is relatively flat and the surface is most reminiscent of road-biking. It will take about one hour and will lead you to a beautiful overlook. For something more challenging, you can descend into the gorge to find the rockpools at the bottom. This ride involves descents, climbs, and some hiking, and can take anywhere from 3-5 hours.

The ride to the beautiful Botsoela Waterfalls is a fun downhill ride, with a satisfying viewpoint destination just below the falls that requires a bit of hiking to reach. The ride back is an uphill grind, but nothing fit and adventurous riders can’t handle.

Tsoeunyane can also guide you by bike to the Bushman Paintings. The Bushman Paintings are relics from the first human civilization here. Reaching the paintings requires some steep hiking after the 1-hour ride, but the impact of seeing something left behind from 20,000 years ago is usually worth the effort.

If you are quite keen, you can see both the falls and the paintings on a journey that will take about 5 hours.

You can book your ride at the reception office. 


Top of Pitseng Gorge: easy and flat, overlook the Gorge

Pitseng Gorge Loop: moderate descents and climbs, explore the Gorge and rockpools

Botsoela Waterfalls – moderate long descent and long climb, see waterfall

Bushman Paintings – moderate descents and climbs with steep hiking, see ancient cave paintings

Botsoela Waterfalls & Bushman Paintings – moderate-to-difficult descents and climbs with steep hiking, see waterfalls and ancient cave paintings

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