The Botsoela Waterfall Hike or Pony Trek: (4 hours from Lodge return including a swim).

Pass the Handicraft Centre, pass Makhetheng Primary School on the right and about 300m further on, take the left fork to the village of Malealea, (see map) overlooking the Botsoela river.  Head North, and follow upstream for about 40 minutes.
Caution: Beware of wet & slippery rocks.  To get to the top of the waterfall, take the path up to the right, at the bend just before the waterfall comes into view.

2 Hour Hike Return To Vehicle.  Follow instructions as above hike, but leave your vehicle at the Malealea village and proceed as above by foot.

The Pitseng Gorge & Rockpool Hike: 3 or 6 Hr Circular Hike:

Walk out of the main gate of the lodge towards “The Gates of Paradise Pass” for about 300 paces. Pass the supermarket on your left, and then turn left opposite the clinic gates, then head up the hill, then down towards the red roofed house, but before the house about 10m from the row of aloes going down towards the stream, turn right.  Follow path descending to the Pitseng stream and once on the stream, go downstream, enjoying sights of massive overhanging rocks, boulders dislodged from cliff faces above etc.  Enjoy the best swimming at the Cascades, marked on the rock face, especially in the top pool, which is about 2m deep.  Continue down the Pitseng stream , negotiating the 2m jump into the shallow pool.

About ½ kilometre from here, your route will be blocked by a 20m drop, with a huge boulder on the left.  Follow the path through the bamboo forest which now passes behind the boulder and get back onto the stream bed.  50m further on, look for Bushman paintings in the cave on the right hand side of the stream, in amongst the bushes.  Continue for another 100m and now leave the river bed (gorge gets too rough) by taking the contour path on the right hand side of the river.  This path takes you to the road and now continue down the road until Makoanyane School on the right hand side.  Now take the path leaving the road on the left hand side to the village of Ha Phatela on the Makhaleng River.  The bridle path back to the lodge is now easy to find leading from the rear of the village.

The Pitseng Gorge & Rockpool Hike: 3 Hr Circular Hike:

Direction as above until just after the 2m Jump. About 300m further there is a (difficult to find) path back to the lodge going up through the natural bush up to the top of the gorge,.  Alternatively, backtrack to the lodge from the cascades.

The San Painting Hike Or Pony Trek:    -    3 Hr Hike.

FIND A GUIDE AT THE LODGE, as the San Paintings are almost impossible to find on your own.  Insist on being shown all three cave & overhanging rock sites.  The hike to the paintings is very steep and good shoes are needed.  Follow the road down to the Handicraft Centre, turn right into the fields and follow the path to the village of Molefe.  From here drop down into the gorge and follow top of the gorge to where the path descends to the Echo Cave.  (Test out the Echo cave for amazing echos!)

Continue along the path for about 100m, then descend down to the San paintings on the left.
To return to the lodge, you can hike back  via the Underground tunnel.
OPTIONAL: Ask NTATE MAFA, the local Headman or his wife, for a quick tour of his house.

The Gates Of Paradise Hike.  All day along the Matelile Range.

Walk out of the main gate of the lodge, turn sharp right and head southwest through the village, descending into the Lehlakaneng Valley.  Cross the stream and hike up to the road.  Pause, before attempting the next stretch, almost straight to the top of the mountain range where you will experience “A Bird’s Eye view” on both sides of the mountain range.  Try and conquer the peak of “Fuku-Fuku”!  (2394m high).  Ask at reception for more details.

Musi’s Reclaimed Donga & Village Hike: (1 - 2 hrs).

Walk out of the main gate at the store, veer right and pass the Central Cafe on the left.  Follow track towards Secondary School until willow trees.  About 26 years ago, this area was a 3 metre deep donga and has been reclaimed single handedly by Mr. Fanuel Musi.

In the beginning he used only a leather apron  to cart rocks for his dams.  He now has a vegetable garden, reeds, birds and lush vegetation, which was once a dry donga. He has since passed on, but his son & wife are continuing the work and will take you on a tour .  Please make a donation directly to Albert or his  mother, Me` Maserestse

The Makhaleng River Sunset Hike (2 hrs)

Pass the Handicraft Centre, pass Makhetheng Primary School on the right and where the road forks, keep to the right.  Follow the road all the way to the top of the Makhaleng River Gorge.  Take your sundowners and a blanket with you and watch the spectacular colours of the changing sky as the sun slowly sets.