Meet Your Barmen

This is Phoka Koatja, our youngest staff member. He wears many hats here: he is our  barman and braai master and is a member of the Malealea Band, one of the two bands that performs here regularly at sunset. He is here to take care of you. Need a bottle of water in the morning? Peter has it. Need to do your laundry? Peter will hook you up. And, of course, if all you want after a long afternoon of cajoling your pony down and then back up the Pitseng Gorge is an ice-cold Maluti Beer.

Our bar offers a place to relax and warm up when the evenings get cold, and outdoor seating with a fire pit when it is warm. We have satellite TV to broadcast sporting events or tune to your requests. We collect lost and found items here, and this is also where you will find our gift shop, selling postcards and memorabilia.

Our bar is also a wifi hotspot, and you can purchase 100 MB of data from Peter at a time. You won’t be watching Netflix or live-tweeting anything while you are here, but we don’t think you’ll regret it.