Village Tour

The adventurous visitors who make it this far up into our mountains bring their backpacks, their curiosity, and their good intentions with them.

There are mountains to explore, but there is also a culture to discover. We have partnered with the Malealea Development Trust to develop informative tours that will expose you to our way of life in a responsible manner.

On this tour, we will show you how we live. You will see our homes. You will see the communal tap from which we collect our water. You will see how local women brew beer and sell it out of their huts. You will see us working our fields, perhaps with a tractor, but most likely with our cows. You will see our horses, many of whom are sturdy and robust, while others appear more drawn. Fragile. You will see our schools. Our preschool children may dance for you. It is not because they have to, but because it is fun. It is not to endear your sympathy or to coax open your pockets. It is simply because they are children.

Malealea Preschoolers, photo by Kelly Benning
Malealea preschoolers greet visitors

Along the way, you will see poverty, but we hope that doesn’t stop you from seeing everything else. From seeing hope and resiliency and laughter. From seeing a people, like you, who work hard every day.

We offer different versions of this tour based on how long you would like to walk and what you would like to see. The tours range from 1 to 3 hours. Of the portion of the fee, 65% goes to the guides and 35% goes to the Malealea Development Trust to fund various projects that support our community immensely. An MDT staff member will introduce and close the tour, so you can ask as many questions about their work as you like. You may also read more here.  Malealea Development Trust

Included in the 2 hours village tour is a visit to a traditional beer brewer and having a talk with the local chief.  The 3 hours village tour will take further to Basotho cultural museum

You should not give any money directly to anyone along the tour because they have been paid in your fee.  If you feel moved to give money, we ask that you save all donations for the MDT at the end of the tour, and then specify what you would like the money to go towards. The staff of the MDT has dedicated their lives to figuring out systemic causes and fundamental solutions to Malealea’s problems. They know the people here and are always thinking about the big picture. They are the most appropriate channel for your money, should you want to help, and they can always use support. Again, we invite you to read more about their work on their website.

The reception office also gladly collects school supplies, clothing, and books for the community library on behalf of the MDT.

You can book this tour at any time at our reception office  and they will coordinate with the MDT and the guides for you.