Southern Lesotho


These are quieter roads, very few tourists use this route. Spectacular sandstone passes along the Orange River valley. Completely different to the Central & Northern routes of Lesotho.
(This tour can be shortened to a 4 DAY TRIP)

Day 1 Arrive at Malealea
Day 2 Spend the day exploring the Malealea "Gates of Paradise Pass" area either 4 x 4, pony treks or hikes.
Day 3 Malealea, Mpharane, Mohaleshoek - Seaka Bridge. Just before Seaka bridge, turn left and drive along a track for 92 kms to the village of Nohana. On the left hand side lives Chief Nohana who will welcome you to his beautiful village. Camping. Beautiful sandstone cliffs and gorges. Trout fishing in the nearby Ketane river.
Day 4 You have to back track to the Senqu River, but the views back are spectacular and unspoilt. The historical cave house of Rev Ellenberger & his family is at the Masitise Primary School just before Quthing. He established the Paris Evangelical mission in 1835. Here you can view a dinosaur footprint embedded in the roof of the cave and the local priest will tell you about the history of the families. Just past the turnoff to Mt. Moorosi from Quthing are more Dinosaur Footprints embedded in the rock. There is a Danish-government sponsored complex at the sight alongside the road a few hundred meters from the turn off. Drive past Mt Moorosi and up the nearby mountain away from the main town. Introduce yourself to the chief or head man and find a campsite. A spectacular view overlooking the Orange or Senqu River.Here is the Mt. Moorosi mountain, well known for the gun war of Chief Moorosi and the Cape Mounted Rifles. (Old bullets are still found on the mountain & Paul Kruger’s inscription is inside one of the caves.)
Day 5 Either continue on the tar road to the Seforong Gorge, one of the most spectacular sights, where two rivers meet in two canyons. At the Ha Reeng School sign turn left into the first village and ask for Paulus Thelang. This is difficult 4 x 4 track to traverse, but full of excitement trying to get to one of the most beautiful sites in Lesotho. Take a hike down to the confluence of the Orange River. Option to drive through the Mokoaes Valley, turn off to Letsies lake, backtrack and continue to Mphaki and onto Seforong. (You will need an extra day, the variations are endless)
Day 6 Continue to Sehalabathebe National park, where you can overnight at a basic lodge.
Day 7 From Sehlabathebe, drive over the Matebeng Pass and camp en-route. On my previous trip in April, 98, the original road had washed away and we were diverted to drive along ariver bed for someway. A perfect camping spot amongst poplar trees
Day 8 Continue via Sehonghong to Sani Pass.