Nightly Live Music

Each night, right as the sun begins to slip behind the Maloti Mountains and Malealea’s bright blue sky melts to pink, a local choir and band perform on our grounds. Music is as vital as air to the Basotho, and we want you to experience our special, emotive style.

Malealea Choir, photo by Kelly Benning

The Malealea Band and Sotho Sound are the two bands who come to perform for us on alternating nights. They play “family style” music on iconically Basotho-style homemade instruments.

Malealea Band & Maloti Mountains, photo by Kelly Benning

The violinists are herd boys during the day, and they bring their instruments into the fields with them when they tend to their animals. It is out there in the open that they get the ideas for their songs and later share them with the band to practice for you.

donations at sunset, photo by Kelly Benning